Laser Lipo and Laser Face Lifts are the next evolution in weight loss, inch loss, and skin tightening services. Liposuction is expensive, risky, and requires a great deal of downtime. CoolSculpting® is very limited in its ability to reduce fat, but even more important is that is does NOT provide any skin tightening. You can't be too big or too small to qualify as a good candidate for CoolSculpting®. (Please see below for a side by side comparison of Laser Lipo and CoolSculpting®.) 


At Melissa Shortino Body Transformation Systems, almost everyone is a candidate for our advanced treatments. We aim to help as many people as we can to not only look, but feel their best. Many illnesses and diseases are brought on or aggravated by being overweight or obese. Jump start your road to wellness with us! 

Say NO to muffin tops, double chins, manboobs, and a sagging neck! Ask about our specials, package deals, and VIP Membership plans. Say YES to loosing inches, tightening skin, and a leaner, healthier you.  Call today! 717-742-4161



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